Ard Patrick residents concerns

Illegal Dumping

The entrance to Ard Patrick avenue in front of Shandon villa has become an illegal dumping hotspot. We have erected signage however this has not worked as a deter ant and dumping continues unabated. The Cork city litter warden frequently disposes of the dumped material from this area however this in itself is not a solution.

Another area prone to dumping is the green space between Ard Patrick avenue and the Close.

The Environment & Recreation Directorate is responsible for the enforcing and remediating illegal dumping.

Report illegal dumping by phoning the Litter and Dumping section (021) 492 4299

Abandoned vehicles

A number of abounded vehicles have been reported and removed by the Garda.

To report an abandoned vehicle:

Report the vehicle to Watercourse road Garda station (021) 455 8260.

Next report the vehicle to Cork City council Roads & Transportation (Asset management department) on (021)4924189/ (021)4924758.

The Road Traffic (Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles) Regulations 1983–1998 give power to local authorities to tow away vehicles that have been abandoned or illegally parked on a public road.

What should follow is an inspection by Cork city officials who will contact the current owner. If not removed after 14 days the vehicle is towed and the owner will be charged €127 for costs incurred.

Defective street lighting

Since 2016 at least 5 street lights remain dark.

These five defective lights represent almost 50% of the public street lighting in Ard Patrick which has left the estate very dark at night. The lack of street lighting contributes to the continued anti social behaviour which is prevalent in our estate.

It is not possible to register the faulty lights with Airtricity (who maintain street lights on behalf of cork city council) as the street lights have not been numbered and are not listed on the Airtricity website.

Cork City Council has been made aware of this on numerous occasions since 2016. In response to Cllr. J. Sheehan’s query the council responded that “until Ard Patrick is included on Roads & Transportation inventory for maintenance, the lighting and maintenance are a matter for the owner of the estate at this location.”


The developer BlackLine properties is responsible for the upkeep of Ard Patrick. BlackLine have reneged on their responsibilities and do not provide any landscaping services. This has resulted in an untended grass……….

The council currently assists the residents with maintenance of the open space areas by providing a single mowing in the spring and autumn.”

Taking in charge

The estate has not been taken in charge by the city of Cork since the estate was built in 2008. We the residents, believe that taking the estate in charge is the first step to tackling the issues which we are encountering.

As per communication with Cork city council on 25 July 2017 it is “likely that formal taking in charge may not happen until Q4 2017 at the earliest”.An update from Cork city council on 24 Jan 2018 stated that the council have no update on taking Ard Patrick in charge.

Cork city council taking in charge policy

Anti social behaviour.

Anti social behaviour is a continual problem in Ard Patrick.

Report anti social behaviour to Mayfield Garda station (021) 455 8510.

Non resident Parking

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Derilict site Shandon villa

The derelict site known as Shandon villa has been derelict since Ard Patrick was built. The derelict site is owned by Joe Carey and Frank Sheehan.A planning application 1536492 has been submitted.The site has been registered on the derelict sites register since 10/6/2016.